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Meaningful Conversations

Today as you are immersed in your work, whether you're on a plane or in the office, don't forget what you learned. In the forest, we talked about Wisdom, Bind Spots, Perception and Legacy. Which circle spoke to you? If you only learned one thing, it was worth the...

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Words Change Lives

A couple of days ago, I sat with one of the attendees of The Conversation Event. He is a father, executive and a true world changer. The talk reminded me of how words can change lives. He explained a conversation he had with his mother just before she died. She could...

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Words are Currency

Every day I we hear stories that would break your heart. And I'm wondering if it's starting to break mine. Yesterday a business man told me about how he almost didn't survive his divorce. I felt my heart cracking in a million little pieces but pushed back the physical...

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