October 1st, 2020 - Join The Conversation

Where World Changers Meet

The Star Complex Omni

Frisco, TX


October 1st, 2020 - Join The Conversation

Where World Changers Meet

The Star Complex Omni

Frisco, TX



OCT 1st 2020

Great Ideas Start With a Conversation

Similar to a high-level mastermind, only with an order. Four conversation circles each with an outcome based initiative to launch ideas and propel business.

This is an event where no one sells or instructs but instead where honest interactions help to form lifelong connections. Whereas TED is a selective event focused on showcasing a speaker with an “idea worth sharing,” we take it a step further, allowing powerful transformative ideas to take shape through interaction.

A Live, Annual, Invitation Only Event.

Our attendees are a unique group of 100 world changers tapped and selected to join in a unique mastermind in the forest. They are celebrities, CEOs, world changers, humanitarians, entrepreneurs and leaders.

This is a chance to connect and have deep conversations face-to-face with a group of world changers about your life and business.

One night can change your life forever.

Will You be 1 out of 100?

Let The Conversation Begin.

100 World Changers

From sports legends to pioneering entrepreneurs, our event brings in only those intent on moving the world forward.

Forever Connections

Participate in a once-in-a-lifetime mastermind session to forge bonds that will never be broken with people who will change your life, as you change theirs.


Each conversation happens with a specific topic and a clear goal for all participants.


One percenters create big ideas, movements, and companies that impact generations. But who do they turn to for mastermind and community?

You won’t find CEOs and high level leaders at a motivational guru conference, standing in a sea of thousands in a hotel ballroom. That’s not where they go for growth.

Iron sharpens iron. The Conversation event equips world changers.

People who do big things, need to be surrounded with other like minded humans.


OCT 1st 2020

“I’m excited about facilitating a group of world

changers about being all in, in life and business.”

~Stephanie Breedlove

Sold her company to for $30+ Million

“Letting go and forgiving yourself was a key take away from the event for me. It was holding me back from my relationships with people and family. What a change it has been for me.”

~Kelly Fuhlman

Disney Institute

“This is an event like no other. The forest setting and campfires create the perfect environment for conversations. The knowledge gained by exchanging ideas, thoughts, and experiences proves the importance of gathering together, while the fire provides the perfect visual to demonstrate the power of unity. When an ember is isolated it quickly burns out but when gathered with multiple embers it creates a mighty blaze.

Ignite is an event you don’t want to miss!”

~Jennifer McAlister

Survivor Boston Marathon Bombings, Author of: Press On

“This event has helped me realize that legacy isn’t about what

you’ve accomplished. It’s about how you got there.”

~Ivo Nelson

Healthcare Entrepreneur

The Conversations

  • Wisdom: Sharing the power of experience with others who can benefit from your own

  • Legacy: Establish your global presence, build your legacy for 1,000 years to come

  • Intentionality: Uncovering blind spots in life that can prevent us from achieving our legacy
  • Multiplication: Bringing power to all modes of your professional and personal life

  • Perception: Open your mind to changing false perceptions

  • Disruption: Changing habits and disrupting markets


Why only 100? The Conversation is not a conference designed to make money or promote speakers or any agenda.

It’s designed to ignite world changers. For this reason, we keep the numbers small and selective.

Who selects who gets to go to Ignite: A Conversation with World Changers? A diverse committee of 5 entrepreneurs from various backgrounds ultimately determines the final list.

Can someone go more than once? Yes. But attending one year isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be selected a subsequent year.

What are The Conversation Small Groups? The Conversation Men’s and Women’s events, and soon to be announced youth and children’s events give The Conversation Event Attendees the opportunity to create deeper relationships in smaller groups. Email if you are interested in hosting a small group in your city.

Can I bring my significant other? The criteria for attendance is “world changer.” Some attendees are creating impact organizations, movements, or companies that change lives. If they fit into this category you may indeed nominate them.

Why would you reject a request to attend from the family of the President of the United States? Ignite is a place where World Changers gather. The ultimate goal is to connect in a private nonsocial media environment where there will be no press, pictures, or chaos in order for divine connections to occur.



Suggested Lodging

Still Planning....


OCT 1st 2020

Small Call to Note: Due to the nature of this event there are no refunds. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your attendance

to someone else or you can donate it to our Homeless or underprivileged youth program. Your donation will allow one of our Homeless or

underprivileged youth to attend in your place. A portion of each ticket provides books to the homeless, at-risk youth, and orphanages around the world.Headline

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